The Good Life
May 2006

Getting Ready for Mother’s Day

It’s almost a cliché that people rush to get gifts at the last minute. Well this is a reminder that Mother’s Day is coming up soon. So
show the appreciation your mother is due.

Flowers and candy are nice, and if she expects or loves those gifts, bless her with them every opportunity you get. Some people may
think it is a trite cop-out, but what matters is what she thinks. If you are looking for something different, and bath oils and candles won’t
do it, how about a beautiful stationery basket? Put it together yourself with all her favorite designs… including blank note card sets with
a beautiful pen, a matching journal for her thoughts, perhaps the stamp and wax kits personalized with her initials, and a sachet of
fragrant potpourri to give it all a touch of sweetness.

If she loves having scripture close by, consider precious throw pillows from Never the Rock Photography with their well-known verse
and flower designs to decorate her home. Ceramic tiles with display easels are available to match and would make a perfect gift set.
Visit for more information about these and other unique gift ideas. And don’t forget, Mother’s Day is May 14th!
The Good Life
May 2006

Past and Present, Remembering the Troops

Regardless of your political position and opinion about whether or not we should have troops fighting overseas, it is likely that everyone
wants those troops to know that our prayers are with them. We think of them often, pray for them daily, and want them back home safely
as soon as possible.

With Memorial Day around the corner, many people will be remembering troops, present and past. Flags will go up around our
communities and ribbons will be worn. Special church services will remind us of our founding fathers and what our country stood for,
and the brave men and women who gave their lives to secure our freedom.

We will honor these heroes in many ways, and our thoughts of the ones who are still fighting today will become fresher in our minds
and hearts. This will be the perfect time to give them something special to let them know they are being remembered and appreciated.
Letters and cards will make their way across the seas delivering prayerful messages of hope, love, encouragement and peace. These
small tokens of our affections will be valued so far greater than we could comprehend.

Imagine a soldier, risking his life each day, in a horrible environment full of hate and fear. Imagine this soldier getting his mail during a
quiet moment, opening the envelope and looking at an image of God’s glorious creation, reflecting a moment of peace and tranquility,
power and sovereignty. Imagine the words inside that will uplift his soul, encourage his heart and give him a moment to reflect that the
pain and hate he sees in front of him is not taking place all over the world, but that God has reserved a solace place of retreat for this
soldier to come home to.

Memorial Day is May 29, so there’s plenty of time to plan for getting a card or letter out to a soldier or troop. Visit to get
addresses of friends and family members serving overseas. Encourage them with your special hand-written sentiments and inspire
them with breath-taking images, such as those on blank note cards from Never the Rock Photography. Send your friend or family
member serving overseas a set of blank note cards that they can use to write back to you and their friends and family members that
will remind them of God’s promises and beauty each time they use them. Share with them the peace that we enjoy here as we hold
them up in prayer and trust in our Lord.

Visit for a wide selection of cards and gifts, especially for the troops.
April 2006

Are you or someone you know getting married in the near future? Springtime is such a beautiful time of the year to celebrate, and “April
showers” can mean much more than raindrops on flower petals! Here are some tips to help make that springtime wedding shower
even more special with unique ways to express love and thanks to those who make it memorable!

Let’s start with the men. First of all, if you haven’t asked her yet, be sure to use creativity with that romantic gesture. How about putting
that engagement ring in a beautiful Keepsake Box with a custom message on top? “Julie, Will you marry me? Love, Roger. April 24,
2006”. Custom Keepsake Boxes are available from Never the Rock Photography with a variety of beautiful images, and you can choose
what you want it to read. Whether you want to record that special date or just keep it simple with her name printed, she will have a
gorgeous Keepsake Box to hold on to forever and will remember your special moment each time she opens it for her jewelry or love

Having a wedding shower? Gorgeous photographic note cards from Never the Rock can make wonderful invitations that guests can
actually frame and keep forever. The Bride and Groom’s name and wedding date can be printed on the inside for your friends and
loved ones to be reminded of your special day. Need a party favor? How about custom ceramic tiles to match those cards that each
guest can take home and use as a coaster? Again with the Bride and Groom’s name and wedding date, your event will not be forgotten.
And after it’s all over, what about thanking all those special people who have helped make your day special? Never the Rock cards and
gifts help provide the perfect way to express your appreciation.

For more information about these and other customized products, please visit the Never the Rock Photography website at www.
March 2006

Never the Rock Photography was established in 2005, inspired by the desire to share the beauty of God's world. President and company
photographer, Sarina Roth, has been taking pictures for years while traveling throughout the world. She has selected her favorites to
share with others through these products. The photographs she uses have not been altered or enhanced in any way, and reveal God’s
glory as it was shown to her in that moment.

The name of the company was also inspired by God’s glory. It was taken from the verse Luke 19:40 when Jesus replies to the Pharisees
about those shouting out to the Lord, “If these were silent, the rocks would cry out.” The company motto has been “May the rocks never cry
out in my place,” desiring God to receive all the glory for His magnificent creation. When Sarina is complimented on her photography she
replies, “God created it, I just took the picture.”

Never the Rock Photography offers a unique line of cards and gifts that are perfect to share with family and friends or business
acquaintances and associates. Custom card messages and large quantity sets are available for company correspondence, event
invitations and announcements. Wedding shower invitations, bridal party thank-you notes and bridal gifts can be customized to include
the wedding date and bride and groom's names. For more information or quotes, please visit the website at,
send an email to, or call 1-866-88-NEVER, that's 1-866-886-3837.

The current product line includes photographic note cards and cards sets, blank inside for your own message for every occasion… also
perfect for gifts! Messaged greeting cards and sets, printed ceramic tiles that can be used with easels or hangers for display, and unique
black & white solid prints are also available in two styles of frames. Small matted prints of the most popular photographs are available
with scripture verses printed on the mats, ready for framing. Visit the website often to check out new products coming out regularly. And
don’t forget to register before leaving the site, for a drawing to receive free gifts each month!

If you have a place of business that would like to sell Never the Rock products or if you would like to use the products for your company
correspondence, please call 1-866-88-NEVER, that’s 1-866-886-3837.
The Good Life
June 2006

God's Gifts in Little Bundles

Perhaps there’s something in the water! I’ve noticed many expecting mothers everywhere I go these days… in the grocery store, at the
mall, even in our neighborhood. At our small church we currently have 4 pregnant ladies, and many people in passing have mentioned
that they know several who are expecting babies soon as well.

What a blessing from our gracious Lord!

Almost every other week there’s a baby shower scheduled, which in turn means gifts. I attended a shower last weekend where a new
Mom-to-be was inundated with every possible gadget, toy and supply. It was a fun time of fellowship and a great way to see the latest
products for babies and parents.

But after the showers are over and the newborn has arrived, we still want to celebrate our joy with the family and its new arrival. What a
wonderful chance to give something unique and special – a little treasure just for this new little one.

Never the Rock Photography is introducing a new line of products that feature a customized ceramic tile that records the new baby’s
name, birth date and weight. Each tile is available in a printed or scripted font, with a blue or pink border for boys or girls. These tiles
are also featured on the elegant wooden keepsake boxes, perfect for storing baby’s little treasures.

Visit to see these new unique products, as well as other gorgeous gifts and cards featuring Never the Rock
Photography. For more information, please call toll free 1-866-886-3837.
July/August 2006

Summer Sensations

What a beautiful summer it’s been so far! Amazing blue skies and lush green rolling hills can be found throughout our area. Bright
orange evening sunsets and the blooms in the landscape are colorful and full of the richness of God’s blessings.

From blue hydrangeas to bright yellow daylilies, from deep red salvia to snow white crape myrtles, everywhere you look there’s color.
Fresh and crisp in the morning air and shining brightly in the afternoon sunshine, these colors are a reflection of God’s goodness to us.

And don’t forget, you can bring a touch of these colorful blooms right into your home. Cutting fresh flowers from your garden and putting
them in a vase of cool clear water can add a warm and hospitable element to any home.

Calla Lily blooms last for weeks if you keep the water fresh and clear, and their long stems make very elegant arrangements.
Hydrangeas are gorgeous when cut fresh and can be dried beautifully to last throughout the year in your home. And although daylilies
only last a day, cut them early in the morning to enjoy them on your kitchen table with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Do you have close friends that love flowers too? Consider sending them a set of blank note cards from Never the Rock Photography
that features many favorite summer flowers. There are some other great gift ideas available as well. Visit www, to see
the many card selections offered, including breathtaking images of butterflies, landscapes, animals and sunsets. Or call 1-866-88-
NEVER, (1-866-886-3837) for information about a retailer in your area.

Have a joyful, blessed summer!
The Good Life
October 2006

All Creatures Great and Small…

Oh, how we love our pets! They are truly a blessing from God. Not only do they bring us joy, but studies have shown they bring us good
health as well. Petting a purring cat can lower your blood pressure, and being happily greeted by your loyal dog each day can relieve
stress. Yes, we love our pets and God has been so good to us to allow us this blessing.

Although cats and dogs are the most popular pets, we cannot forget that there are some other lovable creatures that become a special
part of someone’s family. Reptiles, birds, and fish are just a few, and don’t forget rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters! Regardless of size,
shape, fur, skin or scales, God’s creatures are truly great.

Now you can celebrate the love for your pet with a very unique treasured keepsake. Never the Rock Photography has a new product line
of ceramic tiles which can feature an image of your cherished pet, specifically designed for you! Tiles can also include your pet’s name
or a special message. These tiles make wonderful gifts for anyone who loves pets. They are sweet sentimental memorials for pets that
have passed away, and unique showpieces for anyone who includes their pet as part of the family.

Ordering is easy! Visit and see some of the custom designs that have been created so far. Fill out the detailed
order form online, and email a high resolution image of your loved one to the address on the website. Never the Rock will email you
several proofs to choose from.  Pick your favorite and within 2 weeks you will receive a keepsake that everyone will adore.

These tiles can be used as coasters and have felt pads on the bottom so they will not scratch your furniture. They can also be purchased
with a wooden easel stand to display your tile in your home. And if you want a very unique gift, order the wooden keepsake box which
features the custom pet tile on the lid of the box! This is a wonderful way to store some of your pet’s most treasured items.

Just in time for Christmas…and so easy to order. For more information about these and other customized products, please visit the
Never the Rock Photography website at