Never the Rock Photography is honored to be able to offer a great opportunity to support our troops. When
you use our note cards as a gift, it is our hope that our country's military troops will be refreshed by God's
beauty and encouraged to see the solace and serenity of God's creation in contrast to the world they are
currently experiencing. And they will also have a chance to stay in touch with loved ones at home... Moms,
sisters, brothers, fathers, grandparents and friends.

Order a gift set now and provide us with the soldier's address, and we will ship these cards directly to your
friend or loved one who is so bravely serving our country overseas.

If you are not sure about addresses for your friends or loved ones who are stationed overseas, please visit to locate soldiers.

Thank you for considering
Never the Rock Photography cards as a troop gift for your friends and loved
ones. Click here to browse through our gorgeous selecton of
blank note cards.
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