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About Col. Elmer C. Rowley
Born in 1913, Elmer Clifford Rowley had the opportunity to see many changes throughout our world in his lifetime. As a young child, he
was influenced greatly by the love of his parents and was taught how to work hard, honestly and diligently. He learned how to appreciate
the opportunities that were in front of him and was inspired to focus on - as he quotes a poet from his high school English Class -

In December 2010, he celebrated his 74th wedding anniversary with his beautiful bride, Thelma Rowley, both at 97-years young. She
passed away 3 days later. Col. Elmer C. Rowley passed away on November 29, 2011.

They were a beautiful image of marriage and showed their love for one another in all their words and deeds. Blessed with the opportunity
to travel in their latter years, they share stories and adventures from all over the world. Bird-watching, camping, scuba diving and pursuing
the discovery of their historical family lineage were a few of their favorite hobbies.

You can share exquisite beauty with others this year through our
Christmas Card Collection, which includes two of Col. Elmer C. Rowley's
Sharing the Inspiration
Photographer, Sarina Roth, was inspired as a child. She would visit her grandparents in Marlton, New Jersey every summer, and her
grandfather would spend the evenings after dinner presenting slide shows of his travels with her grandmother from the past year. While
enjoying a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream... Africa, Trinidad & Tobago, Mexico, Australia, and many more places around the world
provided the backdrop for the stories and adventures of this retired couple. What an extraordinary introduction to God's creation.

"I consider my grandfather to be one of the most excellent photographers I've ever seen. I believe he is the person ultimately responsible
for inspiring the passion in me to recognize and capture the beauty in nature. My exposure to his work as a child trained me to look for
those moments in life when I am graced to witness a breathtaking scene. And although his lessons taught me how to capture a moment
and treasure it, it is our great God who created it all.  I only took the picture."

This perspective established the business of
Never the Rock Photography. These beautiful images are all created by God. May He
receive the glory.

Look for cards marked as part of the "Grandfather Series" on this website, featuring the excellent
work of photographer Col. Elmer C. Rowley.
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The Grandfather Series
Col. Elmer C. Rowley, the grandfather of Sarina Roth, founder of Never
the Rock Photography. As an early influence and inspiration for many of
the aspects of Never the Rock Photography, Col. Rowley's work reflects
We hope that by sharing his photography through an exclusive series
of cards and gifts, others will be inspired as well, to take time to
appreciate the beauty of this world that God gave us, and to honor God
as the Creator.
My Grandfather's Eyes

My grandfather's eyes have been blessed to see
so many wonders of creation.
By the Lord's sweet grace, he has witnessed so much
of the beauty that God made.
And as I watch my grandfather live,
and his abundant appreciation,
I've been blessed with my grandfather's eyes
from that foundation that he laid.

In his steps I've traveled
through the pictures and the stories,
Places in this world I knew
I'd someday want to see.
Now I'm living dreams of those
exquisite sights and glories,
My grandfather's eyes go with me
reminding me of where I've wanted to be.

                                   - Sarina Roth, 2007
Anniversary Party Gifts from
their 70th Wedding Anniversary
My cousin John is a Master Brewer and has made a commemorative beer in honor of my grandparents.
Originally he prepared it for my grandfather as a surprise Christmas gift to honor my grandmother's memory,
however Granddad did not live to see the end product. Therefore, we changed the label and prepared the beer
for a toast at my Grandfather's memorial service instead. As part of our family dinner, we toasted to them both.
Here are the labels that I was so honored to design.