We have created a CD with an assortment of twenty (20) exclusive images that may be used as reference...

Please note that each of the images on our disc is for your use as a reference to create your own original art. “Original art” includes any
artwork produced through all forms of paint, pencil, charcoals, pastels, and any other form of media that will create a new original work of art.

Please note that the images on our disc may ONLY be printed, photo enlarged or copied for the use of reference in the creation of your new
original artwork.

Please note that all the artwork that you create from these photos will be your property and is considered to be license and royalty free with
your receipt as proof of purchase.

Please note that the images contained on our Artist CD cannot be reproduced as found on this CD in photographic, video or any digital form
to be reproduced in a commercial use, for resale or in a "for profit" use.
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