A few comments about our cards and products:

"I found Never The Rock Photography when I was searching the web for a card with a rock on the front.  It
was to be the central part of a themed Christmas gift for our 120 clients, neighbors and friends.  I couldn’t
find an exact photo of what I was looking for on their site, however when I contacted them, Sarina, the
president of Never The Rock Photography assured me she could make it happen.  

"She carefully listened to my thoughts and confidently caught the vision for what I wanted the outcome to
look like.  There was an immediate connection. Very quickly, Sarina emailed other photos for my review
and then offered to go out and shoot additional ones if they were not quite right.  Once the ideal photo
was selected, from her vast and beautiful archive collection, she willingly allowed me to design the card,
giving me helpful guidelines and expert suggestions along the way.  

"I experienced a wonderful working relationship with Sarina who diligently and regularly communicated
throughout the entire process until all the decisions were made.  Her faithful dedication and tireless
commitment to excellence, gave me great confidence and comfort that the cards would be well done and
to my satisfaction.  And indeed, the number of positive responses to them has been endless.  

"I am so grateful for Never The Rock Photography and Sarina and would not hesitate coming to them
again for future needs.  The Lord used her gifts and abilities to produce a unique card to share the true
Christmas message.  To God be the glory for He allowed many to be touched by her talented handiwork,
but I have been blessed most of all.  Many, many grateful, heartfelt thanks."
- Kim King, Quakertown, PA

"They are outstanding in capturing the mood, and the quality is fantastic!  We just loved them."
- Laurie Ree, Suwanee, Georgia

"I received my recent order in excellent condition and am very pleased with the merchandise. I am
always impressed with the quality of your products and enjoy using them myself and giving them as gifts."
- Stari Benedict

"They are just beautiful cards, my children loved them too!"

"Thank you.  You do beautiful work."

"WOW!!  WOW!!  Great ... thanks  a Million!!!"

"Our order arrived in perfect condition.  The note cards were beautiful. They were exactly what we were
looking for & the website depicted your work well. "

"I have done business with Nevertherock and have had wonderful experiences with all the beautiful
products they carry. Customer service is beyond belief and the photography is exceptional. I highly
recommend this company for the most special and unique gifts for anyone. My company has used some
of these gifts as "thank you"s to our customers and it has made the customers feel really special."
- Barbara Rowley, Lake Wylie, SC

"Just want to say how much I've enjoyed using your cards! I bought the Magnolia cards and the Eagle
cards from the UPS Store across from Chateau Elan. I so appreciate that you give God the glory for His
handiwork in your products. Keep up the great work! And the rocks will NEVER cry out in my place! God
bless you!"

"They arrived and look great!! Thank you!!!"

"...an unusual collection of studies sympathetic to each compilation which have an unstudied freshness.
You will not find work which embodies this elusive quality but rarely. The eye behind the camera draws
us into that private and intimate moment with nature. This is a very special opportunity to be embraced
with fervor."
- Sally Lawrence, Art Teacher at Geneva Christian Academy

"I really enjoy all your beautiful cards, calendars, and bookmarks. They help me to understand what the
Lord God created. I love looking at all the wondrous works God made and you captured on film."
- Lois Haag, Age 11

"By the grace of God, Sarina Roth's photography reflects the glories of God in creation so that one is
face to face with the intricacies of flower blossoms, the wings of butterflies and the momentary habits of
animals. Every scene depicted from Gettysburg, Brazil, to the Keys transports the viewer to each location
as though he could step into each frame and perceive the beauty, majesty and awe that
inspired each picture."
- Elizabeth Strevel, Pastor's Wife, Covenant Presbyterian Church

A few comments on our Ceramic Tiles:

"The box arrived yesterday and it is beautiful!  Thank you again for the work you put into it.  I know we will
love it!
-Jessica Robbins

"The tile with Chanda is exquisite.  I've never seen anything like it.  What a thoughtful gift.  Thank you
from the bottom of my heart."
-Sharon Robinson

"My sister will love this tile! Thank you! I can't wait to see my Garden Stake you're making for me. You
guys do the most AWSOME cards & gifts! Love it! I look at my doggies on tiles, my baby grandson's
footprints, and his ultra sound all the time! Very unique gifts!
-Leslie Averitt

"Your products are beautiful!"

"WOW! I love them! These are so wonderful! They are gorgeous... very clever and well done!"
-Manon Houle

"I love these! They are so cute! ... a wonderful gift item!"
-Marie Fowler

"They turned out great. Wow...that is a great deal. I appreciate it."

"What you did with Woody and Scout was amazing. I am so excited to meet you and your talent.  It is so
different to see a pet that you love on a tile than just a generic pet that you don’t know. "
-Angela Gosnell, President Humane Society of Jackson County, 2009

"Thank you so much again. They really loved it... it was beautiful. You do an awesome job. I love your
work and will call on you again"
-Karen Adams, Karen for Your Pets

"...She was elated and just as happy as I thought she would be to receive such a beautiful and thoughtful
keepsake of her "baby" Polly.  She was like me, in that she couldn't make up her mind which one she
liked the best.  She was so happy to have them all.  You and your beautiful work made one young woman  
very, very happy this Christmas.  It was a bitter, sweet occasion which she will never forget... and I will
never forget her face when she opened the gift.  THANK YOU again for all your help and extra efforts to
make my friends' Christmas so special!"
-J. Thornton

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